Love and passion for quality and innovation these ones are the elements where our company is well established.From more than thirty years our mission is the high specialization in working the solid wood in the chairs contest.From many years we work beside the better designers and the most important companies focusing our target to offer an high technical level service to guarantee the customer satisfaction as first.

Company evolution

The company SIT has been founded at the beginning of 80’s as an artisan company specialized on the production of classic chairs and armchairs.Afterwards with the coming of the second generation the company has taken a new configuration developing the management appearance and investing strongly on the tecnological equipments.Always keeping its italian artisan tradition today we recognize us as an important actor on the custom made market about the production of seating items.Starting from the customer project or from his model we develop it entirely inside our factory located really close to Padova under the careful vision of the brothers Massimo, Devid, Pierpaolo, Nicola don’t forgetting the founder and father RenatoRosa.