Raw material

Wood is a living material and for this reason it is important to select the best boards considering the color tone, the grain and the correct degree of seasoning. All the timber we process undergoes a vacuum drying heat treatment in order to ensure its stabilization and greater safety from the structural point of view of the final product.Our company is also FSC® certified (FSC-C101834) for environmentally friendly forest management and therefore at the request of the customer, we can develop products with these characteristics.


Since the late nineties we have invested in CNC production lines, keeping us at the forefront of production technology and guaranteeing capacity and flexibility in the development of solid wood products. Also the many years of knowledge of production and processing techniques makes us capable and reliable partners in dealing with any construction difficulties. The company currently employs 20 people and has a production capacity of over 10,000 chairs per month. To this we support the production of other furnishing accessories in solid wood such as elements for tables, coffee tables, bases, etc.

High technology

In order to be able to respond to and possibly anticipate the most diverse market needs, we continuously invest in new technologies. The latest investment that has arrived in the company is a double CNC machining center with 6+6 interpolated axes, with 2 heads and automatic loaders, which can work simultaneously on the same piece or independently on 2 different pieces. This guarantees flexibility and production efficiency, while allowing us to increasingly shorten delivery times for our customers.

High attention to detail

In addition to technology and mechanical processing, our profession still today includes a good component of manual work and our company tries to preserve and enhance this heritage of skills and mastery by teaching it to the younger generations. Each piece that leaves a mechanical production line is always finished and checked manually by an operator to guarantee the attention to detail that distinguishes us.

Quality check

There quality for us it is an essential element and the constant satisfaction of customers high standards that we set ourselves is a complex and demanding task. To do this we predict a repeating series of tests and checks to which all the elements in production are subjected in order to obtain the maximum result in aesthetic and structural terms of the final product.

Logistics and transportation

We ship tens of thousands of products worldwide every year. For the more distant destinations we are specialized in preparing the KD product (disassembled), in order to offer a significant optimization of shipping costs. For the internal market, on the other hand, we can take care of the delivery to the customer directly, even with our own means and personnel.


We are always open to new ideas and experiments. A design can be minimal, regular or dynamic, for us the approach and commitment is always aimed at obtaining a workmanlike realization, supporting the designer in enhancing his talent and in producing a reliable product.


Our natural vocation is the production of solid wood drums, but upon specific request we also take care of the  finishing management of the product such as painting and customized upholstery. For these phases we rely on external collaborators of experience with whom we have established a relationship of trust over the years.