Raw material

The wood is a living material and for this reason is really important to select the best parts considering color tone, the grain and the correct seasoning grade.All the wood we work is dried by a heat vacuum treatment to ensure a stabilization and more security about the frame of the final product.We’re also FSC® certified (FSC-C101834) for an observant forest management concerning the enviroment so, on demand, we are able to provide items with FSC features.

Manufactoring line

From the beginning of 90’S we have invested on CNC manufacturing lines keeping us always updated about the production processes to ensure capacity and flexsibility on the development of wooden solid items. Mixing this to our pluriannul experience we consider ourself competent and reliable partners to face and to overcome the difficulties.Actualy we have a monthly capacity of 10.000 chairs working with 25 employees. Also we manufacture different wooden products over the chair frames as table legs of each kind of size, single chair legs etc etc.

High technology level

In order to respond and, possibly, to advance the different needs coming from the market we invest continuosly on the new technologies. The last one is a double CNC work station with 6+6 interpolated axes, 2 heads and autoloaders that are able to work together on the same piece or independently on two different ones.This means flexibility and efficiency production giving, at the same time, the opportunity to reduce delivery times for our customers.

Care of details

Beyond the technology our job still includes a component of manual work. We try to preserve and valorize this because we consider it as an heritage of skills and mastery to teach to the younger generations.Each piece coming out from the manufacturing line is always controlled and often finished by hand from an operator to ensure the care of each detail.

Quality check

The quality for us is an essential element and the satisfaction of the high standard we have is something of complex and binding.To do this we expect a repeated set of tests and checking on all elements in production to obtain the better structural results on the frames and the better look on the final products.

Logistical support and transport

Every years we ship thousand and thousand of products around the world.Concerning the far markets we are specialized to prepare a K.D. product (Knock down/disassembled) to offer an amazing transport costs optimization while about the home market we are able to take care of the delivery directly to the customer place.


We are always open to new ideas and experimentations. A design can be minimal, regular or dynamic but for us the approch and the personal commitment is always referred to obtain a perfect realization, supporting the designer to valorize his talent.


Our natural vocation is the production of unfinished raw frames using different type of wood as beech, ash, oak, walnut and hard maple but on demand we are able to provide a finish product, varnished and upholstered. About this phases we have reliable expert partners outside the company.